Reading progressbar

A reading position indicator that you can use where you want: top, bottom or custom…

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Worth The Read

An adjustable progress meter showing how much of the post/page the user has scrolled through,…

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WP Reading Progress

Light weight fully customizable reading progress bar. Sticks to top, bottom or sticky menu, with…

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Catch Scroll Progress Bar

Catch Scroll Progress Bar – Catch Scroll Progress Bar is a simple, super-light WordPress progress…

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Reading Time

Reading Time shows the estimated reading time and puts an animated progress bar inside the…

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TimeSpan is a simple, easy to set-up WordPress plugin that automagically calculates the approximate length…

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bookTuner displays books from in a customizable format.

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BNC BiblioShare

Displays a book's cover image, title, author, and other book data from BiblioShare

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Display a set of badges based on files in a directory off the root of…

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This plugin allows registered users to enable the OpenDyslexic font in their profile.

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Post Reading Progress

This plugin allows to display reading progress of single article using horizontal progress bar.

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