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Travel and Tour

پاران Rara Theme

هي چائلڊ ٿهيم آهي Travel Agency جي.

نسخو: 1.0.0

آخري ڀيرو اپڊيٽ ڪيو ويو: ڊسمبر 6, 2021

فعال تنصيب: 200+

پي ايڇ پي نسخو:5.6 يا وڌيڪ

موضوع وارو هوم پيج

Travel and Tour is a WordPress theme to create an online booking website for tour and travel operators and companies. The theme is compatible with the powerful travel and tour booking plugin, WP Travel Engine. You can add trips, destinations, and trip types, feature travel activities, highlight your specialties and allow visitors to book the trips. The theme is mobile-friendly, SEO optimized and loads fast to help your website rank higher on search engines. Apart from travel booking companies, you can also use the Travel and Tour theme for travel blogging, hotel, spa, bed and breakfast, luxury resort, reservation, tour operator, tourism, transports and car booking. Check the demo at https://rarathemes.com/previews/?theme=travel-and-tour, documentation at https://docs.rarathemes.com/docs/travel-and-tour/, and get support at https://rarathemes.com/support-ticket/.

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