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پاران ThemesDNA

نسخو: 1.0.1

آخري ڀيرو اپڊيٽ ڪيو ويو: ڊسمبر 9, 2021

فعال تنصيب: 200+

پي ايڇ پي نسخو:5.6 يا وڌيڪ

موضوع وارو هوم پيج

GridBit is modern and minimal, responsive/mobile friendly, one-column WordPress theme for building grid based blog websites. GridBit has Customizer theme options, 3 columns posts grid layout, primary and secondary menus, full and wide image alignment support, RTL language support, 60+ social buttons, 3 columns footer and more. GridBit PRO version has color and font options, 1-5 columns grid layouts, 2 grid types(CSS grid or masonry grid), thumbnail sizes options for grids and singular posts/pages, custom thumbnail size support for grids, full or boxed layout type, width options, custom page templates, ad widgets between grid posts, 3 header styles with width options, news ticker, 1-6 columns footer, grid and list featured posts widgets, width/layout type/header style/footer style options for every post/page, settings panel for each post/page, unique header images for each post/page, post likes and post views, infinite scroll feature or load more button, about and social widget, tabbed widget, banner widget, more widget areas, 25+ share buttons, related posts with options and many useful features. Free version demo: https://demo.themesdna.com/gridbit/

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