WP general purpose shortcodes


General purpose shortcodes for WordPress.
Just install the plugin from the WordPress plugins directory and start adding the shortcodes to your content. That easy.



This shortcode adds the current year with 4 digits.

E.g.: You write [ahl_year] and you get something like 2018.


This shortcode adds the number of years from a given day to present. You must pass that date as an attibute named date.

E.g.: You write [ahl_yearsFromDate date="2003-01-01"] and you get something like 2015.

Note that date must be written in the format showed in the example: yyyy-mm-dd


Please, send me any questions you have so I can answer them.


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  • Updated version compatibility


  • Added the shortcode: [ahl_yearsFromDate]


  • Added the first shortcode: [ahl_year]