Mini Cart Drawer For WooCommerce


Woo Mini Cart Drawer is an interaction mini cart with many styles, color and effects for WooCommerce. You can change quantity of a product and also can remove from cart. It has nice control panel aslo has customizer panel. By this you can change the its configuration with live preview. It is fully ajax based mini cart.

Intro Video

Live Demo

Free Version
– Mini cart drawer & configuration
– WP Customizer Configuration

Pro Features
– All Free Features
– Mini cart drawer configuration
– Mini cart drawer coupon input configuration
– Sale Booster Module ( Dynamic Discount)
– Premium Support

Mini Cart Pro Link:

Full Video



  1. Install that plugin into your WordPress application
  2. Then active the plugin
  3. You will get a menu of Mini Cart Drawer


Q. Do I need Woo Commerce?

A. Yes, WooCommerce is required for this plugin.


27 جُولاءِ 2020
thanks for ur great plugin but i have one issue as i use loco translate plugin for translating my website to multilingual i have already PO and MO translated files but its not working , can you advice please
29 مَي 2020
This plugin works great and looks awesome. We were looking for a side cart plugin that worked with DIvi theme and this one works perfect. The developer made sure all our input was immediately taken care of. These guys offer top notch support. I highly recommend this plugin.
جمع: سڀ 5 تبصرا پڙهو

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  • Updated ui and fixed minor bugs


  • Tested to 5.6, no issues founds


  • Fix a minor issues


  • Session Notification issues fixed


  • Added many features
  • Fixed responsive issue


  • Js Bug Fixed


  • New Floating Style Added
  • New options added
  • Updated some minor bugs


  • Bug fixed


  • Fixed design issues
  • Fixed Tax issues


  • Bug fixed
  • Now also available pro version


  • Added direct customizer button into panel


  • Initial Upload