Custom Add to Cart Button Label and Link


Custom Add to Cart Button Label and Link plugin let you to customize add to cart button by changing its default label’s text and its action URL in few simple steps. With latest version, now you can not only change text and link but also configure Add to Cart Button’s style with different options as mentioned below.

It’s a very useful plugin for those who want to sell their products at other platforms like paypal, amazon etc. or want to add affiliate links to the products, simply by adding custom link in button action area.

New Feature Update: Distinct Information per Product. For more information, pls check the following video:

Watch this video to see how the plugin works:

Key features of this plugin include

  • Ability to change default add to cart button text and action on single product page.
  • Ability to change default add to cart button text and action on the Shop page.
  • Customize Add to Cart Button’s text, background, hover and border colors.
  • Choose Different Button Shapes like with or without border radius.
  • Add icon to before or after Add to Cart Button.
  • Now, you can add different CSS3 transitions to button on hover.
  • Also, can add CSS3 background transitions to add to cart button.
  • Option to restrict changes only on shop page.
  • Option to restrict changes only on single product page.
  • Compatibility with popular languages like English, Hindi, Spanish, French, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Russian, Japanese, German.
  • You can create Multiple buttons now for each product with different links
  • Ability to control link in new tabs.
  • Shortcode support
  • Widget Support
  • Works with differet product types too.
  • New settings to show default Add to Cart Button.
  • Ready to Use Custom Add to Cart Buttons.
  • Distinct Information per Product for a special message e.g. Get 25% Off, Deal of the Day, Black Friday Offer

Pro Version Features


* Unique ID and a Class option for each product’s custom button
* Different Google fonts with API
* Option for setting custom Button’s font-weight, font-size, font-case
* Separate margins, padding, and alignment options for shop and single product pages
* Border radius for all corners


* Icon select with icon picker
* Change icon size
* Change icon Position
* Icon spacing / Spinner

Advance settings

* All custom button Same Size
* Default woocommerce button styling

Category Based Custom Buttons
Sold Out Buttons / Out of Stock Buttons which appear automatically when Product is out of Stock.
Per Button Style
Global ( Label / URL )
Shortcode generater
Per category
Out of stock
Plugin Premium support
Import 1.5.4 button styling
Compatible with all product types.
Compatible with lambda, Avada, Astra, Divi, The7, etc.

For help and support, please see:

Pro Version Demo Video


  • Plugin activation page
  • Settings link
  • Plugin settings page
  • Products page
  • Single product page
  • Custom Button Widget


The plugin is simple to install:

  • Download
  • Unzip
  • Upload catcbll directory to your /wp-content/plugins directory
  • Go to the plugin menu page and activate the plugin.


How to use Woocommerce Custom Add to Cart Button plugin?

  1. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  2. Then go to settings menu and select Custom Cart Button submenu.
  3. Choose appropriate option like to show on shop page or single product page, as per your need.
  4. Now when you add a new product or edit the existing one you will see a section “Product Custom Button Settings” at the bottom of the page.
  5. Fill the corresponding fields and save it’s done.

What is the benefit of using this plugin?

Users can easily change the default add to cart button’s label and hyperlink in some simple steps. It gives the ability to sell woocommerce products using third-party platforms like Amazon, Paypal, eBay, Alibaba, etc., and can easily use his / her affiliate links.


13 جُولاءِ 2024
After searching for hours, I finally got a plugin according to my requirement. I am very happy no doubt, but it still needs minor improvements. Even when I am not using icon, icon position is still affecting text alignment on the button because of which I am unable to align text to center. I cannot disable icon position since I am not using any icons. I cannot upload custom icon.
20 ڊسمبر 2023 2 replies
The button does not appear on the individual product page. I’ve even tried using other themes that indicate they are compatible and it didn’t work either. I couldn’t find a support contact to ask about it either, so I leave my comment here.
10 سيپٽمبر 2022 2 replies
I don’t see anything like in the screenshot about Add To Cart buttons. Nothing to change for buttons.
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لاگ تبدیل ڪريو

1.6.1 – 03/Jan/2024

  • High-performance order storage (Compatibility with woocommerce)

1.6 – 17/Nov/2023

  • Settings Page UI Updated
  • UI Library Updated for Bootstrap
  • Test with PHP 8.2

1.5.9 – 29/July/2021

  • Settings Page UI Updated
  • Library Updated i.e. Bootstrap
  • New Feature added for Distinct Information

1.5.8 – 29/July/2021

  • Bug Fixed for new version of Woocommerce

1.5.7 – 27/July/2021

  • Compatible with Ocean Theme

1.5.6 – 01/July/2021

  • Added new feature Ready To Use Custom Buttons
  • Added new language for Italian
  • Optimized Code

1.5.5 – 07/Apr/2021

  • Bug fixed for admin CSS

1.5.4 – 11/Feb/2021

  • Added plugin support for Avada Theme and fixed UI issues. Paid Version of this plugin is also launched.
  • Bug fixed

1.5.3 – 14/DEC/2020

  • Added new feature button alignment
  • Added new feature button position (Left,Right)

1.5.2 – 18/SEPT/2020

  • Variation product bug fixed
  • Multisite bug fixed

1.5.1 – 04/SEPT/2020

  • Bug fixed

1.5 – 11/July/2020

  • Translations updated
  • New translations added for Russian, Japanese, German
  • Optimized code
  • compatible with woocommerce 4.3

1.4.8 – 07/July/2020

  • Bug resolved for variable products

1.4.7 – 06/July/2020

  • Minor bug resolved

1.4.6 – 04/July/2020

  • Minor bug resolved

1.4.5 – 04/July/2020

  • Multisite support
  • Margin option added for Buttons
  • Improved plugin layout
  • Added feature for border radius

1.4.4 – 09/June/2020

  • Minor Bugs Fixed
  • Compatible with latest woocommerce
  • Improved UI for the settings page
  • Padding option added for Buttons

1.4.3 – 04/May/2020

  • Translation updated for new options
  • Bug fixed for product category

1.4.2 – 03/May/2020

  • Correct shipping page issue
  • Added image option in the shortcode to show or not
  • Added Default add to cart button control in the settings page

1.4.1 – 22/APR/2020

  • Fixed issue for variable products

1.4 – 20/APR/2020

  • Added shortcode support
  • Improved UI for a plugin
  • Added option for the new tab for buttons
  • Compatible with variable and bundle products
  • New button in the classic editor for shortcode insertion
  • Added widget to show random products

1.3 – 31/JAN/2020

  • Added Multi Buttons support for each Product
  • Added Multi-Language support
  • Fixed issue with elementor builder


  • 11/12/19
    Minor Updates for latest version


  • 09/17/19
    Added new features to customize Button


  • 09/10/19
    Initial release