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10Web Booster is the speed optimization plugin for improving the overall performance of any website.10Web Booster wants you to focus and thrive in the creative aspects of your WordPress website by allowing us to concentrate on your WordPress performance optimization.

Get a 90+ PageSpeed score and pass Core Web Vitals automatically. Rank higher on Google, increase conversions and grow your business.

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10Web Booster

Are you looking for a WordPress page speed plugin that’ll automatically speed up your WordPress site? Then 10Web Booster is exactly what you’re looking for!
Our WordPress performance plugin will transform your website in no time, enhancing the visitors’ user experience, SEO, engagement, and conversion rates.

10Web Booster works on desktop and mobile versions of websites of any complexity. Optimize your website pages, experiment with every mode we offer, and obtain rewarding results from the best WordPress speed plugin in the market.

Check out the extensive feature list of the 10Web Booster below and take a more detailed look at everything we offer


  • Automated 90+ PageSpeed
  • Optimized Core Web Vitals
  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Up to 7% boost in conversions
  • Up to 40% boost in visitor engagement
  • Up to 53% mobile traffic engagement boost

What’s in it

Optimization of homepage + 5 pages , embedded images included
10Web Booster is made possible thanks to dozens of technical optimizations:

CSS & HTML Minification & Compression

The minification and merger of CSS and HTML is the procedure of reducing file size by a couple of bytes. The significance of this stems from the fact that larger files require more resources which may slow down website load time.

JS Minification and Compression

Compression of lengthy algorithmic JS codes is standard practice. The crunching of JS code, meaning, the removal of all the extra spaces and comments reduces the time of downloading JavaScript, directly improving WordPress Speed.

Image Optimization

Image optimization leans on minimizing file size through image compression while simultaneously preserving image quality. 10Web’s image optimizations achieve that and more.

Defer JS and CSS Execution

Having content that’s immediately visible when a user opens your website is only possible with file load optimization through prioritization of important CSS and deferral of JavaScript. That’s how 10Web booster ensures a 90+ page speed score as the best WordPress speed plugin.

Critical CSS

Downloading complete CSS files hinder the perceived speed of your WordPress website. After the user visits the webpages, initially, the minimum-necessary stylesheets for the proper rendering of the webpage’s visible content are loaded, while the rest is served per need. Critical CSS doesn’t block page rendering and assists in passing the Core Web Vitals.

Image Lazy load

Giving in to the attention span of your website user is how you improve WordPress speed. Lazy loading images and executing only crucial information in the first seconds is how you achieve that. images that keep your website’s latency low and your speed high decrease bounce rate and work to your advantage.

Font Swap

The reduction and optimization of how web fonts load could potentially help in passing the Core Web Vitals assessment, thus, benefit your ranking on Google.
Since the competition is off the charts, every millisecond counts, for the following purpose your content will be displayed in a generic font, thus, bridging the time until your original font style is set up

Conversion of Image Format to WebP

WebP compression studies prove that a WebP image file on average is:
25-34% smaller than a comparable JPEG image
26% smaller than a comparable PNG image
So it’s only logical that this conversion would substantially affect and improve WordPress speed

iFrame and Video Lazy load

From images to video ads there is a range of content on your website that isn’t visible unless the user scrolls down.
The user shouldn’t be forced to download hefty data when they don’t scroll.
10Web Booster signifies this concept as users should never have to pay the price of a slower website for no good reason.

Container-specific Image Resizing

With 10Web Booster, instead of forcing your website to load an enormous image when the user’s only looking for a thumbnail, you’ll have a container-specific image at your disposal.

10Web Booster Pro

Full frontend optimization of the entire website and all images

Backend optimization

Speed Optimization Modes

When your automated homepage optimization kicks off, we test out each and every one of the 4 modes. Consequently, we compare the results, and, as presumed, the mode that achieved the highest score while simultaneously keeping your website from breaking, will be set as your default.

You can choose any of the following four modes and manage the modes for each page individually from the Custom rules tab in your dashboard.

  • Standard Mode: – Uses different standard speed optimization techniques.
  • Balanced Mode: – All optimization techniques in Standard Mode + Critical CSS
  • Strong Mode: – All optimization techniques in Standard Mode + JS Delay.
  • Extreme Mode: – All optimization techniques in Balanced Mode + JS Delay. It may cause issues in some cases.


If you think you found a bug in 10Web Booster or have any problem/question concerning the plugin, please check out Support Forum in our website.


Thank you for your interest in 10Web Booster.

Installing via WordPress
Follow the steps below to install 10Web Booster Plugin to your website.
Log-in to your WordPress administrator panel.
Select Plugins page from toolbar menu, click Add New.
Search for 10Web Boosterin the right-top search bar if you want to download the Free version or click Upload Plugin button > “Choose file” (“Browse”) and select the 10Web Booster zip file

Installing via FTP

Login to your hosting space via an FTP software, e.g. FileZilla.
Unzip the downloaded 10Web Booster plugin folder without making any changes to the folder.
Upload the 10Web Booster plugin into the following location wp-content>wp-plugins.
Login to the WordPress Administrator Panel.
Activate 10Web Booster by going to Plugins and pressing Activate button.


1. Does the 10Web Booster work on mobile also?

It absolutely does! With 10Web Booster you can speed up your WordPress site on both mobile and desktop.

2. Does 10Web Booster work on all websites?

10Web Booster optimizes any WordPress website’s speed automatically.

3. Will the result achieved by 10Web Booster last?

The easy answer is yes!
As 10Web Booster is constantly being updated and syncing with Google algorithms and changes, your WordPress speed optimization results will last as long as your website is connected to the 10Web Booster!

4. How can I optimize other pages of my website or websites?

After you connect your website and start the optimization for your homepage, you will be redirected to your dashboard. In the General tab, you will see a URL slot to add and optimize more pages. Add up to 5 inner pages in the free version. They will be optimized using the default mode we’ve set for your homepage, however, you can always change the optimization mode for a specific page from the Custom rules tab (Pro version).

We’ll leave you to it.

5. How can I upgrade to the Pro version?

You can complete your website optimization by switching to 10Web Booster Pro from your personal dashboard.

6. What is the difference between the four modes of optimization?

The four modes for your WordPress speed optimization plugin are the following:

Standard mode, which in itself includes the following features.

  • CSS & HTML Minification & Compression
  • Page Cache
  • JS Minification and Compression
  • Image Optimization
  • Image Lazy load
  • Font Swap
  • Conversion Image Format to WebP
  • iFrame and Video Lazy load
  • Container-specific Image Resizing

Balanced mode includes Standard mode features + Critical CSS Generation
Strong mode includes Standard mode features + All JS Delay
Extreme mode entails Standard mode features + Critical CSS Generation + All JS Delay

7. What is 10Web Booster’s track record?

10Web Booster is known for automating the process of achieving:

Automated 90+ PageSpeed
Optimized Core Web Vitals
Higher search engine rankings
Up to 7% boost in conversions
Up to 40% boost in visitor engagement
Up to 53% mobile traffic engagement boost

8. How does 10Web Booster affect bounce rate?

With a 90+ page speed, averaging up to a load time of 1.5 seconds, bounce rate worries are out of the question with 10Web Booster. We’re better than good, literally. Good being an average of 2 seconds for load time, which translates to an average of 4 seconds of loading to cause a bounce. There’s no need to worry about your WordPress page speed optimization with us.

9. How long does the optimization take?

As a plugin that aims to speed up WordPress sites, taking too long wasn’t an option.

WordPress speed optimization usually takes only minutes.

10. Can I simultaneously use multiple speed optimizers for my website?

WordPress’ functionality is in its prime when there’s only one speed optimizer fix for any website at a time.
So using another speed optimizer alongside 10Web Booster is not recommended by either us or WordPress.

An alternative WordPress speed optimizer could be any one of the following:

W3 Total Cache
WP Super Cache
WP Rocket
WP Rocket Footer JS
WP Fastest Cache
Asset CleanUp
Shortpixel AI
Rocket Lazy load
Flying Scripts
Async JavaScript
PageSpeed Ninja
Swift Performance Lite
Swift Performance
Fast Velocity Minify
LiteSpeed Cache
WP Performance Score Booster
SG Optimizer

11. What’s the difference between cache plugins and 10Web Booster?

To sum up caching plugins, they attempt to speed up your website by simply caching files, clearing site cache, compressing cached pages, and performing HTML minification. They don’t require third-party servers for operation and run inside WP servers.

10Web Booster is more than just a plugin, it’s a service that speeds up your website with a wider range of optimization techniques. These techniques can only be implemented using a specific service for website optimization (10Web Booster services), rather than running the solution inside of the WordPress hosting server.


26 سيپٽمبر 2022
Tried a lot of optimisation and boosters plugins but it seems that the only that worked was the 10web. Really great and responsive support, you should definitely try it.
25 سيپٽمبر 2022
Since I choose to go too 10Web I've never been disappointed. They always make my website run fast around 98%. And on top of that, the customer support is the best I ever had as a former customer support Agent for 20 years: every time my websites have issues, they are always there to fix the issues. And the funny thing is, they always send me an email to inform me it's done and ask me if I'm satisfied with the results. Every time. I don't regret being their customer, and I hope they won't be purchased by a big firm, so they can continue to serve their customers at a high level of quality.
24 سيپٽمبر 2022
Awesome Service. I contacted them with the live chat feature on their official website and I got a super fast response the issue was fixed in less than 15 mins. Now the website load as fast as ever before. For this, I give a 5-star review.
21 سيپٽمبر 2022
First of all my web page had many problems before moving the 10web, they solved my problems, my web page was optimized more than it was before, and Zhanna from 10web was a fire. She gave me really good assistance with every problem that I had.
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Fixed:Critical CSS generation


Fixed: Minor bug


Changed: Onboarding flow
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Added: Compatibility with WPML


Fixed: Bug in white label
Improved: Images Lazyload


Improved: Plugin white label
Improved: Images Lazyload (Now works with picture tags and srcsets)
Improved: Critical CSS stability


Added: Option to white label admin dashboard


Improved: Font preload
Added: New special mode for collecting images


Fixed: Page cache if it is not correctly set up.


Fixed: Warning messages about WebP and Page Caching
Fixed: Warning about advanced-cache.php
Reduced: Vendor size
Updated: Incompatible plugins list


Added: Test mode
Fixed: Bug in page cache


Improved: Critical CSS stability
Fixed: Bug in page cache
Fixed: Bug in clear cache


Disabled: Cleare cache trigger on ACF update
Removed: Deactivation popup for hosted websites
Changed: Notification texts


Added: Notice about incompatible plugins


Fixed: Bug in the page cache
Added: Trigger to clear page cache on page edit


Fixed: Conflicts with 3rd party plugins images lazy load
Improved: Optimization flow
Fixed: Bug in JS delay


Added: Image optimization for additional pages
Added: Deactivation pop-up


Improved: Optimization flow


Changed: Composer update for image optimizer


Added: Clear cache on disconnect website
Added: Compatibility for connecting from Photo Gallery plugin.


Changed: Get Critical CSS via Rest API instead of Ajax call


Fixed: Bug in homepage optimization flow


Fixed: Conflicts with third party plugins and hostings caches
Fixed: Bug in tag attributes


Fixed: Google ads display
Fixed: Uncritical CSS loading with worker


Changed: Welcome page design
Fixed: Bug in Critical CSS generation


Added: Rest route to edit optimization settings via REST API


  • Fixed: Minor bug


  • Fixed: Whitelabel bug
  • Fixed: bug with redirection after update


  • Initial version on wp.org