Featured Video Plus

Add Featured Videos to your posts and pages. Works like magic with most themes which…

Alexander Höreth فعال انسٽاليشنس: 10,000+ Tested with 4.7.28 Updated 7 سالَ ago

MAS Videos

MAS Videos is a free plugin that allows you to to create and list movies,…

MadrasThemes فعال انسٽاليشنس: 3,000+ Tested with 6.2.4 Updated 11 مهينا ago

Brightcove Video Connect

Brightcove integration plugin, manage your Brightcove video cloud from within WordPress, using the latest APIs

10up فعال انسٽاليشنس: 1,000+ Tested with 6.4.3 Updated 3 مهينا ago


Simple Image & Video Asset Management in the cloud with Publitio API.

Publitio فعال انسٽاليشنس: 800+ Tested with 6.4.3 Updated 3 هفتا ago

Cloudflare Stream Video

Cloudflare Stream is an easy-to-use, affordable, on-demand video streaming platform. The Stream video plugin for…

Cloudflare فعال انسٽاليشنس: 400+ Tested with 5.6.13 Updated 2 سالَ ago

ViewMedica 9

ViewMedica 9 for WordPress Instantly embed your ViewMedica On-Demand in to your website

Swarm Interactive, Inc. فعال انسٽاليشنس: 300+ Tested with 6.1.5 Updated 1 سال ago

Porn Videos Embed

A very simple wordpress plugin for add shortcode embed videos from porn sites

Tomáš Zmek @ perteus فعال انسٽاليشنس: 300+ Tested with 5.1.18 Updated 5 سالَ ago

.TUBE Video Curator

The .TUBE Video Curator makes it easy to create posts from YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitch,…

.TUBE gTLD فعال انسٽاليشنس: 200+ Tested with 5.2.20 Updated 4 سالَ ago

Fast Tube

Fast and easy way to insert videos from YouTube right into your WordPress blog posts…

Casper فعال انسٽاليشنس: 200+ Tested with 3.5.2 Updated 11 سالَ ago

Voltax Video Player

Easily embed videos and playlists with the Minute Media Online Video Platform.

the Minute Media Team فعال انسٽاليشنس: 200+ Tested with 6.4.3 Updated 3 مهينا ago