Simple Slug Translate

Simple Slug Translate can translate the post, page, category and taxonomy slugs to English automatically.

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Admin in English

Admin in English lets you have your administration panel in English, even if the rest…

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WPML Shortcodes

Adds shortcodes to the WPML environment, like wpml__, wpml_e and more. Makes WP full WPML…

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Force Update Translations

Download WordPress theme/plugin translations and apply them to your site manually even if their language…

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Sublanguage is a lightweight multilanguage plugin for wordpress.

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Translates your blog to 35 languages with just one click. Translator uses the great google…

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GlotPress is a WordPress plugin to let you set up your own collaborative, web-based software…

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Improves the performance of WordPress translation

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Bravo Translate

The simplest solution for translate foreign texts or replace phrases you don't like. Works with…

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