Scroll Styler

Scroll Styler offers a solution to add custom scrollbar style on your WordPress website.

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Customize your browser scrollbars with unlimited styling and color using scrollbar wp plugin.

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Scroll Bar With Back To Top

License GPLv2 or later License URI: Scroll Bar With Back To Top is a…

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WS Custom Scrollbar

WS Custom Scrollbar plugin will enable change scrollbar styles where you can change scrollbar color,…

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Get Nicescroll and a ScrollTop button! I really like InuYaksa's Nicescroll JS plugin. I'm a…

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WP Awesome Scrollbar

WP Awesome Scrollbar is highly customizable WordPress scrollbar plugin. Features include vertical and horizontal scrollbar.

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WP Color Scrollbar

WP Color Scrollbar is a jQuery custom scrollbar for your wordpress website. This plugin will…

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T&P Navigation Menu

T&P Navigation Menu for WordPress simple sticky navigation menu when scroll down the page.

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