WP DSGVO Tools (GDPR) by legalweb.io help you to fulfill the GDPR (DSGVO) compliance guidance…

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The Ultimate Adsense / Ad-Management Plugin for Wordpress

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Dynamic Copyright Year

Take year updates off your New Year’s list. This plugin dynamically updates copyright year in…

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Mentions légales [FR]

Le plugin vous permet de générer automatiquement vos mentions légales, votre politique de confidentialité et…

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Generate a privacy policy page, compliant with UK cookie law (EU cookie directive) for use…

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Easily generate Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy for your site.

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ats privacy policy

Плагин ats privacy policy добавит в стандартную форму комментирования WordPress чекбокс "согласия" с политикой конфиденциальности…

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A lightweight and easy-to-use tool to help you with your GDPR compliance tasks.

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