WP Database Optimizer

This plugin allows for automated scheduled database optimization. The user can specify (in days) how…

Matthew Price فعال انسٽاليشنس: 900+ Tested with 4.0.38 Updated 8 سالَ ago

WP Head Optimizer

This plugin allow you to remove unnecessary tags, links, urls, scrips and many additional things…

Nilay Patel فعال انسٽاليشنس: 700+ Tested with 5.7.8 Updated 2 سالَ ago

Kama WP Smiles

Replace WP smilies (emoticons) to pretty dynamic one. Automaticaly add smiley block to comment form…

Kama فعال انسٽاليشنس: 600+ Tested with 5.6.10 Updated 2 سالَ ago

Simple DNS Prefetch

Adds (or removes) DNS prefetching meta tags to your site and speeds up your page…

andrewmoof فعال انسٽاليشنس: 500+ Tested with 4.9.22 Updated 5 سالَ ago


Remove various old, unused or obsolete data from the database, optimize the database for best…

Milan Petrovic فعال انسٽاليشنس: 400+ Tested with 6.1.1 Updated 2 ڏينهَن ago

CSS Above The Fold

Faster CSS browser rendering displaying selected fragments of your theme stylesheet file directly into the…

Pau Iglesias, Blogestudio فعال انسٽاليشنس: 400+ Tested with 4.3.30 Updated 7 سالَ ago

WP Image Optimizer

Reduce image file sizes and improve website performance using Linux littleutils image optimizers within WordPress.

Niroma فعال انسٽاليشنس: 300+ Tested with 4.9.22 Updated 5 سالَ ago

S3 Image Optimizer

Compress images in Amazon S3 buckets using lossless and lossy optimization methods via the EWWW…

Exactly WWW فعال انسٽاليشنس: 300+ Tested with 6.1.1 Updated 3 مهينا ago

Plugin Disabler

Plugin Disabler is a plugin that will help to optimize the website by removing unused…

Christian Bautista فعال انسٽاليشنس: 200+ Tested with 5.2.17 Updated 3 سالَ ago