This plugin enables MathJax ( functionality for WordPress (

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WP QuickLaTeX

Advanced LaTeX plugin. Native LaTeX syntax. Allows custom preamble, TikZ and other packages. Zoom-independent visual…

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Use the fastest math typesetting library on your website.

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Simple Mathjax

Yet another plugin to add MathJax support to your wordpress blog. Just wrap your equations…

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WP LaTeX creates PNG images from inline $\LaTeX$ code in your posts and comments.

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Integrates the super-fast KaTeX LaTeX equation typesetting engine with WordPress. Create beautiful, yet performant math…

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LaTeX2HTML makes you write blog like in LaTeX doc.

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Easy WP LaTeX

Easy WP LaTeX provides a very easy way to display math and equations in your…

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WP MathJax

WP MathJax displays mathematical notation in web browsers, using MathML, LaTeX and ASCIIMath markup on…

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Latex Everything

Produce PDF documents of everything on your site with Latex.

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