SearchWP API

Run advanced searches via the WordPress REST API and SearchWP.

Josh Pollock for CalderaWP LLC فعال انسٽاليشنس: 300+ Tested with 4.4.29 Updated 7 سالَ ago

JSON feed

Pretty simple, really. Adds a new type of feed you can subscribe to. Simply

Chris Northwood (modified by Dan Phiffer) فعال انسٽاليشنس: 200+ Tested with 2.9.2 Updated 13 سالَ ago

WP REST API Sidebars

An extension for the WP REST API that exposes endpoints for sidebars and widgets.

Martin Pettersson فعال انسٽاليشنس: 200+ Tested with 4.4.29 Updated 7 سالَ ago

WP REST API Custom Fields

Shows Advanced Custom Field output to the WP REST API for posts, pages, taxonomies and…

André Boekhorst (based on work from @panman) فعال انسٽاليشنس: 100+ Tested with 4.2.34 Updated 8 سالَ ago

WP Simple Web Services

Simple WordPress Rest Web Services. Add JSON REST web services to your WordPress website with…

Barry Kooij فعال انسٽاليشنس: 80+ Tested with 3.7.41 Updated 9 سالَ ago

Auto Refresh API AJAX

Plugin to load Content via a JSON-API, display it on a Wordpress-Page, -Post or -Sidebar…

Bernhard Kux فعال انسٽاليشنس: 70+ Tested with 6.1.1 Updated 2 مهينا ago


Redirects all front end, non-REST API requests to a single page.

Braad Martin فعال انسٽاليشنس: 60+ Tested with 4.4.29 Updated 7 سالَ ago


A widget that uses jQuery and Twitter to display a user's tweets (or can just…

Aaron Reimann فعال انسٽاليشنس: 40+ Tested with 5.7.0 Updated 2 سالَ ago