OWL Carousel Slider

Touch enabled jQuery plugin that lets you create beautiful responsive carousel slider, Just install and…

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A clean, simple, responsive and touch-friendly Carousel with no bells and whistles but plenty of…

Giorgos Sarigiannidis فعال انسٽاليشنس: 90+ Tested with 6.4.3 Updated 4 مهينا ago

Niso Carousel

Niso carousel is nice image and video carousel wordpress plugin. You can use this plugin…

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WB Carousel is an easy plugin to add carousel in WordPress sites.This plugin is responsive…

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Palto Carousel

Palto Carousel is one of the most user friendly wordpress plugin.

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Eazy CSS Slider

This plugin creates a custom post type for slides allowing you to use core WordPress…

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Brand Carousel

Responsive Brand Carousel/Image Carousel. Easy to use.

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