EzCache is an easy and innovative cache plugin that will help you significantly improve your…

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WHMCS Bridge

WHMCS Bridge is a plugin that integrates the powerful WHMCS support and billing software with…

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uPress Link

uPress Link is a companion plugin for the WordPress hosting manager at https://www.upress.io

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IWEBLAB Hosting Manager

Questo plugin aiuta a personalizzare lo spazio hosting fornito da IWEBLAB.it . Probabilmente il plugin…

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WP-Copy (Free)

Moves your WordPress site from a domain to another one without pains.

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Media with FTP

Let's you upload images to ftp-server and remove the uploads in the WordPress Media Library.

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WP-ISPConfig 3

ISPConfig 3 form generation using Gutenberg Blocks incl. WooCommerce support and individual shortcode creation

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Deploy Helper

Simplify the process of deploying a website. If you ever worked on a Wordpress site…

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WordPress interface for ISPConfig ~ Hosting Control Panel. The plugin allows you to add a…

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