A simple and easy way to use customizer and demo content install.

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Specia Companion

Specia Companion plugin to enhance the functionality of free themes made by Specia Themes.

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Quickly and easily insert icons to posts, pages, menu items, widget titles, taxonomies using icon…

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Travel Booking Toolkit

Travel Booking Toolkit allows you to add extra functionality to the Customizer, Widgets Section in…

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Modular Custom CSS

WordPress core provides custom CSS functionality in the customizer that's specific to the current theme;…

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Ultimate Colors

Change color for any element on your WordPress website without coding. Support for live preview…

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Customize Snapshots

Provide a UI for managing Customizer changesets; save changesets as named drafts, schedule for publishing;…

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Sticky Header 2020

This plugin appends custom functionality to the native customizer and provides the settings for making…

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