LiveJournal Crossposter

Automatically crossposts your WP entries to your LiveJournal or LJ-based clone.

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External Videos

Automatically syncs your videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia or Dailymotion to your WordPress site.

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WordPress Crosspost

WordPress Crosspost cross-posts content from your self-hosted WordPress blogs to your sites. Updates are…

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Blog Crosspost

Automatically add posts from another WordPress website using a shortcode like [blogcrosspost url=""]

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LJ-XP-SW a plugin, that has the ability to crosspost a blog text to your LiveJournal…

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This plugin allows you link your self hosted Wordpress blog to the Canalplan AC website.…

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Diasposter cross-posts your WordPress entries to Diaspora. Changes to your WordPress posts are reflected in…

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Post Signature

Appends the post author's display name to posts. Useful for multi-author blogs that are crossposted…

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LJ comments import: reloaded

Automatically synchronizes comments from Your LiveJournal blog with Your stand-alone Wordpress-based blog.

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