Goods Catalog

Goods Catalog provides a catalog of products organized into categories. It is easy to use…

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Product Catalog Simple

Catalog plugin with fully customizable responsive design, search and categories. Best for product catalog and…

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WP Catalogue

WP Catalogue – the best way to display your digital product catalogue.

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Displays your Issuu-hosted catalog of PDF files in your wordpress posts/pages using a shortcode.

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Library Bookshelves

Create bookshelves that link to your library catalog. Use shortcodes to display book covers in…

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CM Business Directory

Updated and tested 2023 Version!. Helps you build business directories and category based local listings.…

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Product Category

Now, turn your Product categories into your style as you want with advanced options with…

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Jane Web-Menu

This plugin allows Jane customers to easily deploy Jane store menus into their websites.

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