StreamWeasels Twitch Integration


Embed Twitch streams with our collection of Twitch Blocks and Shortcodes. Works with Block Editor, Classic Editor, and Page Builders.

The most advanced Twitch plugin for WordPress

For over 8 years, sw-twitch have been helping thousands of WordPress websites display twitch streams in their WordPress websites.

StreamWeasels Twitch Integration is the latest and greatest plugin from StreamWeasels that takes Twitch Integration to the next level.

This plugin allows you to display twitch streams anywhere on your website in a variety of unique and professional-looking layouts.

Embed a Single Twitch Stream based on Channel

StreamWeasels Twitch Integration allows you to embed a single Twitch stream anywhere on your website with our easy-to-use Gutenberg block or shortcode.

  • Embed a single stream with the following shortcode: [sw-embed channel=”lirik”]
  • No Twitch API connection required for a single stream embed
  • Customise your embed with the following options:
  • Autoplay
  • Start Muted
  • Embed Chat
  • Colour Theme
  • Embed Width
  • Embed Height

Display Twitch Streams by Game, Channel List, Team and more

StreamWeasels Twitch Integration allows you to display groups of streams from Twitch based on Games, Channels, Teams, Languages, Titles and more.

  • Embed a group of streams with the following shortcode: [sw-twitch channels=”monstercat,lirik,sodapoppin”]
  • Twitch API connection required for a group of streams embed
  • Display upto 1000 streamers playing a specific Game.
  • Display upto 1000 streamers from a specified List of Channels.
  • Display upto 1000 streamers from a specific Twitch Team.
  • Display only streams with a specific tag in the Stream Title.
  • Display streams in a specific language only.

Advanced Combinations

You can combine our options for some very powerful Twitch Integrations.

  • Display all streamers from a Twitch Team only if they are playing a specific Game.
  • Display all streamers from a List of Channels only if they are playing a specific Game.
  • Display all streamers playing a specific Game but only if they have a specific Tag in their Stream Title.


Here are some real examples from some of the many StreamWeasels Twitch Integration users.

  • Display all users from a Twitch Team but only if they’re playing League of Legends.
  • Display 100 GTA V Streamers but only if they have NoPixel in their Stream Title.
  • Display all users from a Twitch Team but only if they have #LGBTQ+ in their Stream Title.
  • Display all streamers playing Music but only if they have Requests in their Stream Title.


The best part about StreamWeasels Twitch Integration is our library of Add-on Plugins. Our free Add-ons allow you to unlock a variety of different layouts for your Twitch streams.

Free Layouts

PRO Layouts

Read More

If you want to learn more about StreamWeasels Twitch Integration, check out these links.


  • Twitch Wall (included)
  • Twitch Rail (included)
  • Twitch Player (included)
  • Twitch Status (included)
  • Twitch Feature (paid)
  • Twitch Showcase (paid)
  • Twitch Nav (paid)
  • Twitch Vods (included)


جمع: هي پلگ ان 2 بلاڪس مهيا ڪري ٿو.

  • StreamWeasels Twitch Embed StreamWeasels Twitch Embed - Embed a single Twitch stream.
  • StreamWeasels Twitch Integration StreamWeasels Twitch Integration - Best for Embedding many Twitch streams.


How do I display streamers playing a specific Game?

[sw-twitch game=”GTA V”]

How do I display streamers playing a specific Team?

[sw-twitch game=”ths”]

How do I display streamers from a Channel List?

[sw-twitch channels=”lirik,shroud,sodapoppin”]

How do I filter streams based on their Stream Title?

[sw-twitch game=”GTA V” title-filter=”NoPixel”]

How do I display only streams from a specific language?

[sw-twitch game=”Hearthstone” language=”de”]


20 جُون 2023
Jamie from the team did a great job of making sure I was using the plugin properly by double checking everything was working as it should be. It wasn't before but it is now. Thank you
9 اپريل 2023
I recently purchased the Ultima Gaming theme and Twitch Integration plugin from StreamWeasels, and I couldn't be happier with my experience. Jamie B, the developer behind these products, has provided exceptional support throughout the entire process. Despite my limited knowledge of WordPress and plugins, Jamie's support has been nothing short of amazing. He has patiently guided me through any snags and hangups I encountered while using the Twitch Integration plugin, and always provided clear explanations that helped me better understand the product. Additionally, the Ultima Gaming theme is exactly what I was looking for - it's sleek, professional, and perfect for my gaming website. The integration with the Twitch plugin has made it incredibly easy to share my content with my audience, and the overall design of the theme is top-notch. Overall, I would highly recommend StreamWeasels and Jamie B to anyone looking for a reliable and professional WordPress theme and plugin developer. Their support is top-notch, and the Ultima Gaming theme and Twitch Integration plugin have exceeded my expectations. Thanks again to Jamie and the StreamWeasels team! Grant Fukin Freimont of Hazard Pay Gaming
15 مارچ 2023
The template and plugins are fantastic and was incredibly easy to set up and customize. It's user-friendly, responsive, and has great integration with Twitch. However, what really sets this template apart is the amazing customer support. Jamie was incredibly helpful and responsive, making the entire experience even better. I highly recommend this template to any Twitch streamer looking to enhance their channel with something unique. Five stars all around!
3 فيبروري 2023
I was having an issue getting Stream Weasels to work on my website and joined the discord to ask the developer what to do, the developer took the time out of his day to find a fix specifically for my website.The man is a LEGEND he had it fixed within a couple of minutes and we were good to go!Now my community streams are live on our website again, so anytime we're streaming visitors can see all of us joking in one place. This is the BEST plugin for Livestreaming on WordPress websites and I HIGHLY recommend it!
21 نومبر 2022
This plugin is great for all your Twitch integration needs. Jamie is also responsive and is able to quickly give you support when you need it. I would very much recommend this plugin to anyone.
جمع: سڀ 19 تبصرا پڙهو

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تعاون ڪندڙ

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لاگ تبدیل ڪريو


  • Added new ‘refresh’ option to update Twitch Wall periodically
  • Embedded iFrame will now only load if it doesn’t already exist
  • Bug fix for feature layout when settings not saved


  • updated freemius
  • feature and showcase layouts now available via blocks


  • Only include PRO files if they exist!


  • Users with an active license for the add-on plugins can now continue to use them as normal


  • Twitch Feature is now bundled with PRO.
  • Twitch Showcase is now bundled with PRO.
  • Twitch Nav is now bundled with PRO.


  • Twitch Vods is now FREE and part of the main plugin, the Twitch Vods Add-on can safely be disabled
  • Twitch Vods now available via Blocks!
  • Twitch Vods channels can now be set on the shortcode as vods-channel=””, channels=”” or channel=””


  • Twitch Status is now part of the main plugin, the Twitch Status Add-on can safely be disabled
  • Twitch Status now available via Blocks!
  • Twitch Status now has a placement option (absolute or static)
  • Referances to Add-ons changes to Layouts
  • Referances to the streamweasels shortcode changed to sw-twitch
  • Channels can now be set on the shortcode as either channels=”” or channel=””


  • Twitch Integration now available via Blocks!
  • New Twitch Embed block added for simple single stream embeds!
  • New Twitch Embed shortcode added [sw-twitch-embed]
  • Existing Twitch Integration shortcode can now be shortened to [sw-twitch]
  • Twitch Wall is now part of the main plugin, the Twitch Wall Add-on can safely be disabled
  • Twitch Rail is now part of the main plugin, the Twitch Rail Add-on can safely be disabled
  • Twitch Player is now part of the main plugin, the Twitch Player Add-on can safely be disabled
  • Upgraded freemius to 2.5.9


  • Added a permanent dismiss for the YouTube plugin notice
  • Fixed the broken Twitch logo
  • Upgraded freemius to 2.5.6


  • Updated freemius to 2.5.3
  • Added fix for uppercase language codes
  • Added fix for featured-stream
  • Added fix for feature layout and autoplay inside


  • Now compatible with Block themes


  • Upgraded licensing logic
  • Upgraded freemius integration


  • Added new messaging for YouTube plugin


  • Added Discord messaging
  • added channel names to HTML to allow for CSS selectors


  • Added bundle and updated messaging


  • Removed a transient check from Twitch Integration
  • Fixed a bug with autoplay combined with link to Twitch


  • default streams now pulled from Twitch ig game, team or channels left empty


  • Twitch Showcase launch
  • bumped tested to 6.0
  • admin messaging tweaks


  • Laying the groundwork for new Showcase add-on
  • Made some improvements to Vods add-on
  • Hotfix for showcase issue


  • minor admin tweaks


  • added fixes for Twitch Vods add-on
  • changed the stream count to 15


  • Fixed an issue related to game + channels combination
  • Added new plan levels
  • Added bundles


  • Added support for Twitch Vods add-on
  • Better handling of Game + Title filter
  • Added dev variables


  • Freemius SDK update


  • Added Twitch Nav add-on to add-on section


  • Added the foundation for Twitch Offline add-on


  • Added the foundation for Twitch Nav add-on


  • Fixed an issue with embed inside for Twitch Integration free users
  • Fixed an issue with Twitch Feature PRO not initialising correctly


  • Added the foundation for Twitch Live Status add-on
  • Fixed shortcode links
  • Fixed issue with free live info field


  • Twitch Auth token won’t try and generate if client ID and Secret empty
  • Updated Twitch Auth tokens to regenerate automatically
  • Fixed broken Twitch icon in chrome
  • Fixed issue blocking multiple integrations to be placed on one page.
  • Fixed wrong Image dimensions listed on Offline Image.
  • Fixed Chat option now forced as (int).
  • Fixed conflict with two Offline Image fields.
  • Fixed issue with embed-chat shortcode attr
  • Added can_use_premium_code() checks
  • Fixed issue with game and tile sorting = least
  • Fixed an issue with game names including & and other special characters
  • Added output buffering
  • Added new hover state (play button)
  • Added new Live Info option
  • Added string translations
  • Feattured Streamer now placed at the top of stream list if all users are Offline
  • Colour Theme field added for free users
  • Fixed dimensions of embed popup on large screens
  • Updated support links
  • Added Refresh Token button
  • removed get_transient call
  • improved the logic around getting auth Token
  • added simple / advanced shortcode descriptions
  • added support for Feature PRO inside embed