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Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 crypto wallets with exchange

ھي پلگ ان WordPress جي جديد 3 وڏين رليزز سان آزمايو نه ويو آھي. اهو ٿي سگهي ٿو وڌيڪ برقرار يا سپورٽ نه ٿي سگهي ۽ ٿي سگهي ٿو مطابقت جا مسئلا جڏهن ورڈپریس جي وڌيڪ تازي ورزن سان استعمال ڪيو وڃي.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 crypto wallets with exchange


Simplest Multi-currency wallet for WordPress. Check premium version https://codecanyon.net/item/multicurrency-crypto-wallet-and-exchange-widgets-for-wordpress/23532064

We use this 3rd party services:
https://etherscan.io/ – free public blockchain explorer. they provide information for user balances (Ethereum cryptoccurrency and ER20 assets);
https://infura.io/ – (free 100,000 Requests/Day) ethereum endoint to broadcast transactions.
https://www.blockchain.com/btc, https://api.blockcypher.com/v1/btc/main, https://live.blockcypher.com/ – bitcoin explorers
https://ghostscan.io – GHOST blockchain explorer
https://explore.next.exchange – NEXT blockchain explorer
https://horizon.stellar.org – STELLAR blockchain exploreer
https://api.blocktrail.com/v1/BTC – Bitcoin mining fees data
https://api.bitcore.io/api/BTC/mainnet – free bitcoin endpoint where we send a transactions for broadcatst to the bitcoin network. Otherwise user must install own bitcoin node.
https://next.swaponline.io/mainnet – NEXT blockchain node endpoint
https://noxon.wpmix.net/currsAll.php – free cryptocurrency price feed


Activate plugin, go to MCW options and enable “Use Multi Currency Wallet template as home page.”


  • Wallet Tokens List
  • Wallet Options
  • Example Exchange
  • Example Multi Wallet
  • Example Wallet
  • Multi Wallet


Can i add my own token?

Yes, you can!.


19 ڊسمبر 2023
Wallet Connect not working, especially on mobile. Please update!
26 مارچ 2022
It won’t let me install the plugin due to this error Fatal error: Cannot redeclare mcwallet_load_plugin_textdomain() (previously declared in /home/g172819/exchange.dutts.tech/blog/wp-content/plugins/multi-currency-wallet/multi-currency-wallet.php:54) in /home/g172819/exchange.dutts.tech/blog/wp-content/plugins/multi-currency-wallet/includes/setup.php on line 25
19 آڪٽوبر 2021 2 replies
it doesn’t inspire confidence after I found this ({url:"https://noxon.wpmix.net/counter.php?msg=".concat(encodeURI(i),"&todevs=1"),method:"post"})
22 مَي 2020
thank you for this cool plungin … please continue to developping
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