Membership For WooCommerce – Add Simple Membership Plans, Recurring Revenue, Product Tags & Send Emails To Members with WooCommerce Membership



Membership for WooCommerce plugin is the missing piece of your eCommerce store that allows you to create members-only space in your store. Get your membership website going with the smartest option of the Membership for WooCommerce plugin. The absolute WooCommerce Memberships plugin provides a restriction on access for any facility that adds recurring revenue based on membership and helps engage customers using memberships plans. Additionally, offer membership plans as subscriptions to users for limited access to your eCommerce store.
Membership Plugin directly give you a way out of the three most customary pain points related to the WooCommerce membership store:

  • Restriction on access for any facility.
  • Adding recurring revenue based on memberships.
  • Engaging customers using membership plans.


  • Send email notifications to all members at once
  • You can create memberships on processing order status
  • Allow your Members to Cancel their Membership Accounts
  • Use APIs to render data regarding membership offers and plans opted by users
  • You can allow your members to change Buy Now Button(make it dynamic) text
  • Membership plan on the individual products.
  • Different sections for membership plans and members
  • Multiple language translations for WooCommerce memberships are available
  • Assign membership to users manually
  • Create a user after Woo membership payment is made
  • Offer free shipping and discount on WooCommerce member cart total
  • Display all membership plans together and options to buy them
  • Offer membership subscriptions for limited access to membership plans
  • Export/ Import WooCommerce membership site and user details
  • Efficient Shortcodes
  • No chaos of billing forms or setting up payment gateways integrations
  • Customize the plan page using shortcodes
  • Complete WooCommerce members and plans details
  • Assign or sell membership plans, restrict access facility to WooCommerce members only
  • Error Logging for handling WooCommerce membership errors
  • Delete Membership for WooCommerce free plugin data on uninstall
  • Show Woo membership history to WooCommerce store owner users as well
  • Offer membership categories to users
  • Select limited or lifetime accessibility to WooCommerce members
  • Set different statuses for WooCommerce members as per their payments and plan expiry i.e. pending, on hold, and completed
  • Bulk actions for the admin to edit plans and move them to the trash
  • Display all membership plans available in your store on the Membership Plans tab.
  • Filter Member According to Membership Plan and Column Added in Members Table
  • Filter Member According to Status
  • Addition of Quick Status Update in Member Table
  • Membership Registration Shortcodes for Membership Purchase


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WooCommerce store owners already have so much to handle. And we want to simplify things for you to the bare minimum. So, we exhibit to you the most appropriate and must-have features for your membership website. This free Membership plugin brings you:

1) Create Membership in Order Processing Stage
You can enroll users into your membership plans even when their membership order is in the processing stage. It allows you to quickly create new members for your site’s programs.

**2) Send Quick Notifications to All Users
The WooCommerce Membership plugin allows you to send email notifications to your users in bulk. You can send emails regarding any subject your deem worthy. For example, new membership plan launches, offers, Woo membership discounts, etc.

3) Membership Registration Shortcodes
Admin can place a form for users to redirect them to the payment checkout page for direct purchases. This will help users with a hassle-free purchase.

4) Filter Member According to Membership Plan and Column Added in Members Table
Admin can allow their members to filter members by membership plans. This will help you to find the details of members according to the plans. Go to all members and click on the filter by membership plan and find the customer.

5) Filter Member According to Status
Membership for WooCommerce allow their members to filter members by status. You can filter the member by the status of their product. Go to all members and click on the filter by status select the status and the list of that particular status will open in the table form from there you can the find the individual member.

6) Addition of Quick Status Update in Member Table
Admin can change the status directly from the member table if the status is pending. Else status is changed from an individual product. Go to all members and click on pending statuses to change the status directly.

7) Allow Your Members to Cancel their Membership Accounts
Admin can allow their members to cancel their membership anytime. Simple WooCommerce Membership allows users to discontinue their plan whenever they want too. Enable the setting in general settings and your customers will get access to cancel your plan

8) Buy Now Button Text Can Be Changed To Dynamic Text
Store owners can now give the dynamic look to the Buy Now Button by changing it into a different format. For example: Purchase Now, Grab Now, and many more

9) Individual Product Membership Plan
Admin can provide the membership plans on individual products or categories. For example: Among the outfits, the store owners only provided the plan for a single product of clothing like a polo T-shirt.

10) Complete User Membership History and WooCommerce Membership Details of Customers
Admin gets a quick preview section for WooCommerce Membership plans on the plans listing page. The Woo membership users too can see their history in the ‘My Account’ section with entire details of their membership plans. This will also show their WooCommerce membership details like the due date of their membership plan, their payment status, etc.

11) Membership User Data Export and Import
Store owners can effortlessly export the WooCommerce membership plans along with the user data and its related settings. Similarly, the admin can also import the details of all WooCommerce membership users as a CSV file.

Admin can also import the WooCommerce membership plans and successfully apply this import if the CSV file products are available in the store. Otherwise, it will fail. Admin can delete the plugin data on the plugin and uninstall the plugin from the database.

12) Perfectly Neat Shortcodes For Your WooCommerce Membership Plan Page Customization
WordPress Membership Plugin provides the admin with a remarkable collection of shortcodes that work not only on purchasing the default WooCommerce membership plan but also on the WooCommerce memberships custom page. Admin can design their plan page at ease with membership action shortcodes and membership plan shortcodes. They are for the admin’s utter convenience.

13) Discount On Membership User Cart Total
Admin can apply discounts based on user roles. Give discounts only to WooCommerce membership users. Admin can grant discounts to his WooCommerce membership customers on total cart value and even offer them free shipping as per their membership plans. This discount can be fixed or percentage-based. Entirely the admin’s choice.

14) User Table for Admin
Now members will not be assigned roles. Instead, metadata will be saved and displayed in the user table as member type.

15) APIs for Membership Offer Details and Purchased Membership Plans
The WooCommerce membership plugin offers APIs to fetch details about active membership plans (membership id, name, type, price, & duration) and purchased memberships by any user (membership ID, name, price, valadity, duration, & status). Apply the required parameters along with API secret key and show these details in any web application, desktop application, mobile application, scripting language, or API documentation.

16) Multi-Step Configuration of Membership for WooCommerce
With a multi-step configuration on installing the plugin, the admin gets assistance in creating his first membership plan. The home tab is also included according to the plugin configuration concept.

17) Display All Membership Plans Together With the Option to Buy Them
The membership plans page displays all membership plans created in your eCommerce store with their respective prices. The users can directly buy membership plans from here.

18) Membership Details and Plan Creation
In the WordPress Membership Plugin admin can display offered products and product categories in a membership plan. Those products and categories can only be accessible to users if they have purchased the WooCommerce membership plan. Admin is completely entitled to the creation and detailing of WooCommerce membership plans like:
* Plan price
* Plan name
* Plan Description
* Access Type (Lifetime or Limited accessibility)

19) Create User After Payment Done
Using the free Membership for WooCommerce plugin, the admin can create a user after completing the payment. No default member will be created on your WooCommerce store immediately after the membership purchase. This setting can be enabled or disabled anytime from the general setting.

Visit Membership for WooCommerce Documentation and learn more about the features and working of the plugin.



  • Subscriptions for WooCommerce
    The admin can offer membership subscriptions to users for limited access. For limited access, the admin can decide the subscription duration of the membership plan.

  • WPML Compatibility
    Membership for WooCommerce lets the admin add desired content and translate it into multiple languages. WPML compatibility gives you easy access to professional translation management.


  • Select Membership Products
  • Include One Plan Benefits In Other Membership Plans
  • Select Access To Membership Pages and Posts
  • Select Access To Exclusive Membership Products
  • Override Access To Membership Plans
  • Better Membership Reports
  • Send Membership Plans Action Notifications via Email
  • Sort Membership plans
  • Attach an invoice to membership emails
  • Login/signup button on Thank You page for guest user
  • Allow your customers to cancel their memberships
  • The text on the Buy Now Button can be changed to Dynamic Text
  • Add a shortcode to display the membership template column
  • Comments on your protected posts will be protected by default
  • Membership plans on individual products.
  • Dynamic CSS to become a member button.
  • Import Members all together.


The admin has enough features in the Membership for WooCommerce plugin, but things will get even better in the premium version of Membership for WooCommerce Pro.

Note: Get Membership for WooCommerce Pro



If you need support or have any questions then kindly use our online chat window here or connect with us then Generate a Ticket

If our documentation doesn’t contain the solution to your problem, you can visit the WP Swings Forums Community

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  • Access Type Settings
  • Attach Membership
  • General Settings Membership
  • Included Section
  • Membership Feature Section
  • Membership Plan Offers
  • Membership Plans
  • Members Log
  • Memberships Plan Details
  • Memberships Shortcodes
  • User Log
  • Welcome Page
  • Add Membership Plan
  • Membership Restriction
  • API Setting Tab
  • Retrieve Membership Offers API
  • To Retrieve Particular User Membership API
  • Purchasing Discount Offer
  • Content Restriction
  • Add Members
  • Send Quick Notifications


Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of Membership for WooCommerce, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu, and click Add New.

In the search field type “Membership for WooCommerce” and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve found our plugin you can view details about it such as the point release, rating, and description. Most importantly, of course, you can install it by simply clicking “Install Now”.

Manual installation

The manual installation method involves downloading our Membership for WooCommerce and uploading it to your webserver via your favorite FTP application. The WordPress contains instructions on how to do this here.


Automatic updates should work like a charm; as always though, ensure you backup your site just in case.


What is the basic purpose of using the Membership for WooCommerce plugin?

The Membership for WooCommerce plugin lets the WooCommerce store owners create and sell memberships and assign membership levels to their users. The store owner can give discounts to WooCommerce members based on their memberships.

What are the features regarding the Membership Plans available using the WooCommerce Membership plugin?

The Admin panel will have the Memberships Menu. In this submenu, you can find the features regarding the membership Plans, which allow the following:

  • Create new plans for your membership customers
  • Edit existing membership plans
  • Find all the plans that you have ever created.

Where can you find complete user details of all the Members who have purchased the Membership Plans?

The Admin panel will have the memberships Menu. In this submenu, you can find all members. This space is for the admin where he can find complete user details like:

  • Membership ID
  • Membership Status
  • User
  • Expiry date
    You can also Import and export members’ details & add new members.

Are there any shortcodes available in the WooCommerce Membership extension?

Yes, Membership for WooCommerce provides functionality to the admin to customize the membership plan page and notifications through the shortcodes provided in Memberships >> Shortcodes space. The Membership for WooCommerce extension has an improved set of shortcodes for:

  • Membership Action Shortcodes
  • Membership Plans Shortcodes

You can check them in the Shortcodes tab of the Membership for WooCommerce plugin for these shortcodes.

From where can I enable the Membership for WooCommerce plans to show on the front end?

Admin can enable the Membership plans from the General settings of Membership for WooCommerce plugin: Go to Dashboard > WP Swings > Membership for WooCommerce > General Settings.
Admin can enable/disable Membership for WooCommerce plugin functionality on the front end. The users won’t see it if you disable it.

Is there any option in the free Membership plugin to show/hide the Membership plan history to the users?

Yes, Admin can enable the visibility of the user history from the General Settings of the Membership for WooCommerce plugin. This way, the user can visit and see their plan history in the membership tab on the ‘My Account Page’.

Will this WooCommerce Membership plugin be compatible with my current theme?

Yes, The Membership for WooCommerce plugin is compatible with all popular themes that follow WooCommerce standards.

Does the Membership for WooCommerce plugin provide the Shortcode to display the membership plan/price?

Yes, The Membership for WooCommerce plugin has a shortcode section to display the Membership plan, price, and description.

  • Membership Plan Title : [[wps_membership_title_name]]
  • Membership Plan Price : [wps_membership_price]
  • Membership Plan Desc : [wps_membership_desc_data]

Can I add as many levels of Membership as I want using the Membership for WooCommerce plugin?

Yes, you can create as many levels as you want using the Membership for WooCommerce plugin.

Is there any option in a Membership for WooCommerce plugin to provide the user with lifetime membership or limited membership?

Yes, The admin can set the membership to lifetime or limited using the Membership for WooCommerce plugin. The admin can set either of the two.

My question is not listed

Please visit the WP Swings Knowledgebase and for a more detailed visit Membership for WooCommerce Documentation.


28 جُولاءِ 2023 1 reply
Never ever anything again from the company, with this one plugin (bought the PRO) forever blacklisted. The code itself horrible to do anything with. HTMLs in the middle of the codes, to make templating impossible... I mean, from a total free plugin would be okay, but not something you have to pay! and this is just one of the most annoying, from the many many horrible things. The support is greedy... Just wanna ask them how their terrible, non existing, template system is working and they already send somebody to write you for plus money? What the... spice are you thinking? Just tell me You LIED in your template file and that template file is not working, somewhere in the middle of the spaghetti you can find, vomited into the middle of the PHP. Just so you can play with remove actions. Asking any support: "I am pretty sure the problem is not from our side..."
22 آگسٽ 2023 1 reply
Greate Plugin, and the support team is great. they are fast!
26 ڊسمبر 2022 1 reply
I had trouble because my theme didn't work with this plugin. Support fixed the problem even though it is the Christmas holiday. Very good!
10 نومبر 2022 1 reply
I bought the add-on by mistake and received a response from their service and a refund
22 آڪٽوبر 2022 1 reply
This plugin has everything a good membership plugin needs. In addition, the support team is not only friendly, but also very fast, competent and helpful.
21 سيپٽمبر 2022 3 replies
I never ever seen like this, they tried to charge me for 200$ to fix bug in plugin. Their plugin send email to new user and sent wrong password in email. To fix this i need to pay $200. Also say that their plugin have conflict with woocommerce. Response: --------------------------- Ok that's fine, but we already wrote the code according to the user created by ourselves that's why the things are conflicting We can do custom work in only $200 for which it will take 4 to 5 hours , we can discuss on this if you want While purchasing the pro version I will give you special offer discount also, and our plugin is only one time purchase no recurring charges` ---------------------------
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2.3.1 – Released on 1 August 2023

  • New: List API details on Admin Panel
  • New: Compatible with latest WP(6.2.3) & WC(8.0.0)
  • Fix: Cart empty issues fixed

2.3.0 – Released on 30 June 2023

  • New: API Feature
  • New: Endpoints to show membership offer
  • New: Endpoints to show individuals assigned members
  • New: Compatible with latest WP( 6.2.2 ) & WC( 7.8.1 )
  • Fix: Plugin listing page CSS issues
  • Enhance: Acknowledge message for admin while creating membership
  • Fix: Membership plan creation issues
  • Fix: String localization issues
  • Fix: Add to cart issues

2.2.2 – Released on 2023

  • New: Send Quick Notification Email to Your Members.
  • New: Create Membership on Processing Order Status
  • New: Compatibility with WC(7.6.1) and WP(6.2.0).

2.2.0 – Released on 17 March 2023

  • New: Setting for Membership Creation
  • New: Compatible with the latest WooCommerce (7.5.0) & WordPress (6.1.1)

2.1.8 – Released on 6 February 2023

  • New: Compatible with the latest WooCommerce & WordPress

2.1.7 – Released on 23 December 2022

  • New: Compatible with the latest WooCommerce & WordPress
  • Fix: Minor Bug Fixes (Fixed Security Issues)

2.1.6 – Released on 29 November 2022

  • Fix: Minor Bug Fixes (Add to Cart Issue Fix)
  • Fix: Compatible with the latest WooCommerce and WordPress

2.1.5 – Released on 17 October 2022

  • New: Compatible with PHP8
  • Fix: Minor Bug Fixes( Compatibility issue with Subscription Plugin )
  • Fix: Compatible with the latest WooCommerce and WordPress

2.1.4 – Released on 6 September 2022

  • New: Filter members according to a membership plan and column added in the members table
  • New: Filter member according to status
  • New: Addition of Quick Status Update in the member table
  • New: Compatibility with the latest WooCommerce and WordPress
  • Fix: Wrong Membership name display on single product page fixed

2.1.3 – Released on 24 June 2022

  • New: Change Buy Now button text
  • New: Allow customers to cancel membership

  • New: Attach membership plan with product

  • New: Compatible with the latest WP and WC

2.1.2 – Released on 2 June 2022

  • New: Minor Bug Fixes
  • New: Compatibility with the latest WooCommerce and WordPress

2.1.1 – Released on 8 April 2022

  • Fix: Migration issue.

2.1.0 – Released on 8 April 2022

  • New: Some substantial changes across different areas of the plugin.
  • New: Minor Bug Fixes
  • New: Compatibility with WooCommerce and WordPress

2.0.2 – Released on 3 February 2022

  • New: Notice display of current version for WP Swings
  • New: Change author from MakeWebBetter to WP Swings
  • New: Compatible with the latest WP and WC
  • Fix: Minor Bug fixes

2.0.1 – Released on 4 December 2021

  • New: Setting to Create membership after the payment done
  • New: Compatibility with WordPress 5.8.2
  • Fix: Minor bug fixes

2.0.0 – Released on 11 November 2021

  • New: Compatible with Subscriptions for WooCommerce
  • New: Compatible with [Mautic WooCommerce Integration]
  • New: Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.9 and WordPress 5.8.1
  • New: Display all membership plans together and options to buy them
  • New: Offer membership subscriptions for limited access to membership plans
  • New: User Table for Admin
  • New: Multi-Step Configuration of Membership for WooCommerce
  • New: Display All Membership Plans Together With the Option to Buy Them

1.2.0 – Released on 1 October 2021

  • New: Compatible with Multisite
  • New: Compatible with WPML Compatibility
  • New: Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.7.1 and WordPress 5.8.1
  • New: Add to trash button on all members tab in bulk edit
  • New: The membership plan tab will reflect all plans
  • Fix: Minor bug fixes

1.1.0 – Released on 23 August 2021

1.0.1 – Released on 13 April 2021

  • New: Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.1.0 and WordPress 5.7

1.0.0 – Released on 12 March 2021

  • First version