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28 آگسٽ 2017
Having both used this plugin with and without its cornerstone functionality I can easily say its part of my core stack of tools when deploying a new site. Super easy and organized way to quickly scale content across any size site. On top of all that the code is clean and flexible, solid dev keep it up.
29 اپريل 2017
Great tool - lets you clone components across a site. This may get overtaken by XPro but until it does, everyone should have it.
28 اپريل 2017
Just what I've been looking for. 28 of my site pages can now be so easily updated. Really easy to install and use. Works superbly with Cornerstone. Thank you.
14 مارچ 2017
thanks so much for creating this, i had a hack workaround in place an this makes it so much easier for me and my clients to find these reusable elements. Keep up the awesome work
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