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Gallery-Slider & Follow Button For Pinterest & Responsive Image Slider

Gallery-Slider & Follow Button For Pinterest & Responsive Image Slider


Gallery-Slider & Follow Button For Pinterest & Responsive Image Slider is WordPress Plugin for dispaly pinterest photo gallery with related user account and Slider for Media Images in WordPress. Also you can download photo , set as gallery and slider view also. it is fully responsive and can create beautiful gallery using from your favourite pinterest account. This slider is a responsive image photo slider plugin for WordPress blog users. You can add infinite image slides in a single slider using multiple image uploader, its allows WordPress blogger to reach it maximum followers on his Pinterest account with Slider for Media Images in WordPress.

Gallery & Slider Shortcode

  • Shortcode for Pinterest Gallery

    [CDLZR_GSPINT id=xx]

  • Shortcode for Responsive Image Slider Gallery

    [CDLZR_SLIDER id=xx]

Here xx is your Gallery shortcode id.

Pinterest Gallery & Slider Features

  • Upgrade To Pro
  • Responsive Design
  • Gallery & Slider for Pinterest Gallery
  • Mobile-first design
  • Fully customizable
  • Use via short-codes easily
  • Bootstrap framework based
  • Two different Design in-built template, can Integrated & Pinterest Gallery
  • Add and remove Pinterest User from backend Quickly.
  • Widget supported.
  • Pinterest Follow Button On Sidebar
  • Pinterest Follow Button Widget Settings
  • All browser compatible

Responsive Image Slider Features:

  • Upgrade To Pro
  • Fully Responsive Slider Plugin
    It is fully adjustable with any screen size or device resolution.

  • Multiple Image Uploader
    You can upload multiple images at the same time on your website.

  • Add Unlimited Image Slides Into Single Slider
    Add unlimited number of images to a single slider for better visibility by taking lesser place.

  • Show Multiple Sliders Into Single Page / Post
    You can put as many sliders on a single page or post as you want.

  • Image Slider Setting Dashboard
    Neat and clean admin panel to configure your responsive image slider plugin.

  • Enable/Disable Slider Title
    Show or hide your image slider title as per your requirement.

  • Enable/Disable Slide Description
    Decide whether you want to show or hide description text on your slide.

  • SEO Friendly Slider
    You can set each slide image alt tag to make slider and website image truly SEo friendly.

  • Enable/Disable Navigation Bullets
    Show or hide Navigation bullets on your photo album gallery.

  • Enable/Disable Slide Thumbnails
    Show or hide preview image (thumbnail) for your slide.

  • Customize Thumbnail Position (New)
    Put your thumbnail position on top or bottom of your gallery.

  • Customize Thumbnail Width And Height (New)
    Specify a specific width or height to your thumbnail.

  • Auto Height Option (New)
    Image slider will automatically adapt to the size of the image.

  • Label And Description Color Settings (New)
    Give unique font color or background color according to your need.

  • Added Font Style (New)
    Give a stylish font style to your existing fonts.

  • Customize Slider Distance (New)
    Decide what will be the appropriate distance between two image slides.

  • Slide Scale Mode(New)
    Scale all images according to your size requirement.

  • Slider Order – Ascending , Descending and Random (New)
    Select from which sequence your first image slide will start.

  • Clone Slider
    You can make multiple copy of previously created slider so easily by hitting a clone slider button.

  • All Major & Latest Browser Compatible (IE, Chrome, Firefox)
    Responsive image slider plugin is compatible with all major internet browsers.

  • All Major Device Support
    Works on smaller screen sizes, mobiles and tabs efficiently without any problem.

  • Multilingual Translation Ready
    Works with almost every available language in the world.

  • Drag And Drop Image Position
    Change image slide sequence through simple drag and drop feature.

Check Grid Slid Pinterest Feed Pro Live In Action

Check Responsive Image Slider Pro Live In Action

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  • Tested up to wordpress 6.5.5
  • Minor Bug Fixed


  • Tested up to wordpress 6.1.1
  • Features Upated


  • Tested up to wordpress 6.1.1
  • Add New Slider with setting for image in wp-media
  • User can create slider with lightbox and full screen using images of WP Media


  • Tested up to wordpress 6.0.2
  • Localize script bug Fixed
  • Add Slider for Pinterest Gallery as a Style – 2


  • Minor Bug Fixed


  • Tested up to wordpress 5.8.1
  • Add Pinterest Follow Button in widget area


  • Initial release.
  • Tested up to wordpress 5.8