Feed Them Social – Page, Post, Video, and Photo Galleries


Easily Create and Display Customizable Social Feeds for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Responsive on Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile Devices.


  • Quick Install and Set up.
  • Create as many social feeds as you want!
  • Display social feeds on any post, page, or sidebar!
  • Responsive Design for Social Feeds on all devices.
  • Saved Feed options for easy editing.
  • View your Feed while editing the options.
  • Simple Access Token fetching.
  • Customize Font colors.
  • Convert old shortcodes to saved feed options.
  • Share buttons for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Feeds.
  • Add Like and/or Follow Buttons above or below any feeds.
  • Works with Gutenberg Blocks or Classic Editor.


  • Easy-to-use features.
  • Increases User Social engagement on your website.
  • Keeps users on your website longer.
  • Grow your social media audience.
  • Save Time with automatic feed updates when you post on social media.
  • Seamless Feed Editing.
  • Super customizable.
  • Compatible with any theme.
  • Optimized for performance.
  • Secured feed caching.
  • Fast & Amazing Plugin Support!
  • Best Social Media Feed Plugin for WordPress.

Reviews about our Plugin and Support

“Have been using it daily for more than 2 years and never failed us once. It is an amazing plugin, very simple to set up and use. Great work guys and keep up the good work!” ~ stonerecords

“This is a very versatile plugin that offers a ton of customization and use options. And if you need help, their support is the best I’ve ever experienced with a WordPress plugin developer. Thanks, guys, keep it up!” ~ exonfluxx

“Hammering out issues with most plugin teams usually takes at least 24 hours. For more complicated support issues, it can take a handful of days to fix a problem. The time between messages with the Feed Them Social support team was around 15 minutes instead of 15 hours. Fantastic.” ~ tunare

Feed Demos

All Demos can be found on FeedThemSocial.com
* Facebook Page Feed Demo
* Facebook Album Photos Feed Demo
* Facebook Album Covers Feed Demo
* Instagram Feed Demo
* Twitter Feed Demo
* YouTube Feed Demo

Premium Extension Demos

Combined Streams Extension

See Demo

Carousel Extension

See Demo

Facebook Reviews Extension

See Demo

All Access Pass

NEW! See Details

Documentation & Support

Get started or learn more about the plugin and its extensions’ features using the Feed Them Social Documentation

All SlickRemix plugins come with FREE Basic Support! If you need help or have questions we’re here to help, just post on our Support Forum and we’ll respond to you as quickly as we can! (usually within 48hrs)

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Feed Them Social was Developed By SlickRemix –> https://www.slickremix.com/


  • Facebook Feed. All Feeds Work on Pages, posts, or Text Widgets. Adjust the height to make it a scrolling feed too. Demo
  • Facebook Popup with comments. All popups for feeds are available in the Premium Extension. Demo
  • Facebook Popup example showing a video. Demo
  • Facebook Album Photos Feed. Demo
  • Facebook Popup for the Album Photos. You can show album photos, your latest photos or even album covers with our plugin. Demo
  • Instagram Feed. We have a new style and a classic style format. Demo
  • Instagram Popup with a description of the photo or video. Premium Feature. Demo
  • Twitter Feed. See photos and videos in your feed. Show @ or # or user type feeds. Demo
  • Twitter Popup with photo description. Premium Feature. Demo
  • Vine Feed. Show as many vine videos as you want. Demo
  • Vine Popup that shows video. Available in the Free Version. Demo
  • Our premium version also offers the YouTube Feed. Demo
  • YouTube Feed Popup. Demo
  • Settings page where you can generate a shortcode for any of the feeds and more.
  • Facebook Options page of our plugin. The other pages have similar options.
  • Add the shortcode you generated from the settings page to any post, page, or text widget.


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  • Feed Them Social


Please see the Installing and Activating the Plugin
Log into WordPress dashboard then click Plugins > Add new > Then under the title “Install Plugins” click Upload > choose the zip > Activate the plugin!


How do I convert an old Shortcode?

Please see the Convert old Shortcode Documentation

Are there Extensions for this plugin?

Yes. We have the Premium Extension, Facebook Reviews, Facebook Carousel and the Combined Stream extension. Premium Extensions and Bundles


18 آگسٽ 2023 1 reply
Facile à installer et fonctionne bien.Service réactif et efficace en cas de problème.Prix correcte surtout pour les associations à but non lucrative.Il y a surement mieux, mais rapport qualité prix, je n'ai pas trouvé mieux.Bravo
26 جُولاءِ 2023 4 replies
Plugin keeps disconnecting, also creating a staging copy of the site results in the API related conflict on the production site.
16 جُولاءِ 2023 1 reply
Seems to work nicely!
11 جُولاءِ 2023 1 reply
A great nifty plugin for displaying Instagram feed! Get the job done with barely any hassles. The developers are very helpful with support if any issues arise.
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لاگ تبدیل ڪريو

Version 4.1.8 Saturday, September 2nd, 2023

  • FIX: Facebook Feed: Link for posts with only text were not directing to Facebook properly.
  • NOTE: Works with WordPress version 6.3.1.

Version 4.1.7 Monday, August 28th, 2023

  • FIX: Security fix. User controlled data was able to be entered into the Leave a Review message container. (Thanks to the researcher Abdi Pranata at Patchstack.com for reporting the security vulnerability.)
  • FIX: Sanitize text fields on Twitter urls.
  • FIX: Facebook Feed: Share and View on Facebook link not displaying for posts with no image or video.
  • FIX: Facebook Feed: Likes and Comments were not working correctly because a new permission was introduced in the API that was required. Get a new access token and these features will work again.
  • REMOVE: Facebook Feed: Remove the option “Display Posts made by Page and Others” now because one, you cannot post to a page anymore you can only tag a page and two this now requires the Page Public Content Access permission which we do not have currently. We will inquire to see if we can get this permission for our plugin.

Version 4.1.6 Thursday, June 6th, 2023

  • NEW: Beaver Builder Module added. When editing or creating a new page, or post you can look for Social Modules and Feed Them Social will appear. You can also search for social in the modules list and Feed Them Social will appear.
  • NEW: Elementor Module added. When editing or creating a new page, or post you can look search the Widgets and Feed Them Social will appear.
  • FIX: Instagram Feed: Image resize scripts moved to the bottom of the feed so it will load even in js type tabs.
  • FIX: YouTube Feed: Load more not working for the User Specific Playlist. Misc php warnings. Removed default value for Channel Feed that was causing issues when feed edit page reloads.
  • FIX: Astra Theme: The close button for popup was not positioned correctly when hovering.
  • FIX: Facebook Feed: Check that feed data is countable before looping over it. Thank you LiamMcArthur for creating this hotfix.
  • NOTE: Twitter Feed: As of the recent API changes and Twitter now charging us to pull Tweets, the feed may only work sometimes because we are being rate limited. We are looking into alternate options. The hashtag, search, retweets, replies, and load more option will also not be available until further notice. If your feed does connect, we suggest setting the cache time to at least 3 days or more.
  • REMOVED: Settings: Developer mode for caching.

Version 4.1.5 Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

  • FIX: The path to the languages folder was not correct. Thank you so much @eriamel for pointing this out.

Version 4.1.4 Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023

  • NOTE: Tested with WordPress version 6.2.2.
  • FIX: Instagram Feed: Load more button was not working unless you had the option popup set to yes.

Version 4.1.3 Monday, May 8th, 2023

  • FIX: Translations were broken from wrong Domain Path set in main file.
  • FIX: Text strings had the wrong Text Domain set. The strings with feed_them_social are now updated to feed-them-social.
  • ADDED: Accidentally removed the.md file in version 4.0.0. It’s back now.
  • NOTE: We are working to get the plugin translated into more languages. If you speak another language other than English, we could use your help. Please go to Feed Them Social Translations Any languages beyond 90% translated will automatically be included in the plugin.

Version 4.1.2 Tuesday, April 4th, 2023

  • FIX: Twitter Feed: We have created a new APP that allows access to v1.1 of the API. To get your feed working again simply click the Get Access Token button under your Twitter Feed.

Version 4.1.1 Monday, April 3rd, 2023

  • NOTE: Twitter Feed: Twitter API is not functioning anymore with our current App. Resolution pending. Waiting for feedback from the Twitter API Developer Team as to when we might be restored. This appears to be a blackout for many developers at the moment.

Version 4.1.0 Wednesday, March 29th, 2023

  • FIX: Facebook Feed. WordPress 6.2 conflict. PSR-0 depreciated, must use PSR-4 now.
  • FIX: Instagram Basic Feed. Expiration refresh time increased from 7 days to 55 days.
  • UPDATED: readme.txt to credit WebFX.com for reporting security vulnerability.

Version 4.0.81 Tuesday, March 28th, 2023

  • FIX: Instagram Business: Access Token Inputs not displaying correctly.
  • UPDATED: POT file.

Version 4.0.8 Monday, March 27th, 2023

  • NEW: Feed Them Social Gutenberg Block support added.
  • FIX: Security fixes. (Thanks WebFX.com for reporting the security vulnerability.)
  • UPDATED: Text strings for internationalization shortened and cleaned up.
  • FIX: Combined Streams: Facebook & Instagram Business Access Token clash.

Version 4.0.7 Tuesday, March 14th, 2023

  • FIX: Carousel Feed: Script not loading.
  • FIX: PHP: Trailing commas making it impossible to load the plugin in vs 7.0-7.2. Depreciated safe_mode call for System Info details.

Version 4.0.6 Thursday, March 9th, 2023

  • FIX: Facebook Feed: PHP warnings for position of social icon. Thanks to @thewebtailors for fixing this.
  • FIX: Twitter Feed: PHP warnings for popup. Thanks to @ericbourges for letting us know about this.
  • FIX: SMTP issue by removing pluggable call in feeds-cpt-class.php Thank you @pixelshrink & @kenrichman for letting us know about this.
  • FIX: Depreciated warnings in updater-check-class.php and updater-check-init.php. Thanks to @jpniekamp for bringing this to our attention.

Version 4.0.5 Wednesday, March 8th, 2023

  • NEW: Import/Export: Single Feed Options. With the click of a button, you can submit your feed options and get support.
  • NEW: When requesting support through our beacon on a Feed edit page, the System Info and Feed Options are already copied to the form.
  • FIX: More Depreciated notices for PHP 7-8.1

Version 4.0.4 Thursday, March 2nd, 2023

  • FIX: Missing Convert Legacy Shortcode instructions on the front end for legacy shortcodes.
  • COMING SOON: Import/Export: Single Feed Options.

Version 4.0.3 Wednesday, March 1st, 2023

  • FIX: Twitter: Follow Button not displaying.
  • FIX: Label for Facebook option on Feed edit page changed to “Number of Posts.”
  • FIX: Instagram: Height option to create a scrolling feed.
  • FIX: do_action upgrader_process_complete call causing Fatal Error in some instances. Right after the update, you may see the notice again; however, that is the last time you will see it.
  • FIX: Settings: Custom CSS & JS option.
  • FIX: Settings: Date & Time options on Settings page.
  • FIX: Settings: Twitter Time offset.
  • FIX: Site Health: error about date and time default.
  • FIX: Enqueue scripts only on pages that display our shortcode.
  • FIX: Error.log: PHP 7-9.19: Warnings notices.
  • FIX: PHP 8+ Warning: suppress Trim words functions with #[\ReturnTypeWillChange] Full fix coming soon.
  • REMOVED: Old trim_words function as it was depreciated already.
  • NOTE: Please update any Paid extensions as well.

Version 4.0.0 – 4.0.2 Monday, February 20th, 2023

  • NEW: Custom Post type now houses all feed types.
  • NEW: All Social feed settings can now be saved making it easier to edit your social feed when necessary.
  • NEW: Shortcode Location column under the Feeds menu option. This will display a link to the page where the shortcode was placed.
  • NEW: All additional feed options that were only available globally are now available per feed.
  • NEW: Settings page with tabs to better organize all the options.
  • NEW: Add your own Custom JS options.
  • NEW: Option to map old shortcodes to the new format.
  • NEW: Migrates all old Global Options settings to our new Settings page.
  • 4.0.1 FIX: Shortcode appearing above content on the page and json error on shortcode page save.
  • 4.0.2 FIX: Re-added missing language files causing is_readable error for some users.
  • 4.0.2 UPDATED: Readme and PHP Required notation.
  • 4.0.2 FIX: Fix Permissions and remove it effecting global capabilities.

See Changelog.txt in the plugin for the full changelog.