Elemailer Lite – Elementor email template & campaign builder


Elemailer -Best drag & drop Email design Plugin for WordPress

Elemailer Lite is an Email template & Campaign builder using Drag & Drop Elementor builder.

This plugin gives you the facility of override different WordPress Form plugin’s email template. No more HTML code writing to design good-looking emails.

You must have Elementor Page Builder installed. To design your email template.

👉 Official Website of Elemiler.
👉 Join Elemailer Facebook Community.
👉 Elemailer Documentation.

List of Supported Form Plugins:

Contact Form 7 : Design your contact form 7 emails without any code. Find out more: How to Design Contact form 7 Email template?
You should have Contact Form 7 installed & activated if you want to design cf7 email templates with Elemailer

Elementor Pro’s Form Widget : You can design elementor pro’s form widget’s email, email2 layout with Elemailer Lite.
You should have Elementor Pro installed if you want to use elemailer tempalte in your Elementor Pro’s forms response


  • Create Email Templates with easy to use, drag and drop Elementor editor
  • No more custom HTML writing for creating emails
  • Design contact form 7 email templates
  • Design Elementor Pro’s Form Widget’s email template
  • Marketers can use it easily for sending our beautiful emails to clients on submission.
  • Create upto 3 email templates for your forms

The free version is enough for normal use case. But if you are a marketer or want to take advantage of more out of your site we invite you to check our pro version – Elemailer

💥 Remove limitation of 3 form templates
💥 Background settings
💥 Send test emails
💥 Custom CSS & CSS Class
💥 Custom HTML
💥 Integartion to more forms (growing)
💥 wp_mail override method to support almost all mail
💥 Subscriber & Lists
💥 Pro template library
💥 Newsletter
💥 Email Statistics/Tracking
💥 Import Lists and Subscribers
💥 Design Mailpoet emails with Elementor
💥 Design WooCommerce Emails with Elementor
💥 Pro Support

Some How-to videos:


  • /assets/screenshot-1.jpg
  • /assets/screenshot-2.jpg
  • /assets/screenshot-3.jpg


  1. Upload the plugin folder after extracting it to the “/wp-content/plugins/(the folder of the extracted plugin)” directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Go to Elemailer -> Form Templates from the WordPress admin dashboard. Create a new template and design it with the Elementor page builder editor. Finally, Go to a page and drag the ‘Form’ widget of the Elementor. You will get an option to use our templates on email and email2 form submission action.


How to use Elemailer lite’s template

Our Elemailer Lite creates form templates under wp-admin> Elemailer> Forms. With each form, it has a shortcode that can be used with supported plugins ( list above ).
For Elementor Pro you simply need to create our form template > Go to the elementor page where you have the Elementor pro’s form widget > When you add the after submit action ( Email & Email2 ) you will see the option to select our template at the bottom of each Email & Email2.

Can I create more than 3 templates with the lite version?

With Elemailer Lite you can only create 3 email templates for your forms.

Can I remove the footer Branding and add my own?

Elemailer Lite comes with a footer branding by default. If you get the Elemailer paid version the footer branding will not be there at all. But besides this, we have also thought of our users & kept a setting under Elemailer to remove the branding for free if you really want to.
You may go to wp-admin > Elemailer > Setting > Select Remove footer branding > Hit save. But we would appreciate spreading about this amazing plugin to the community by keeping the branding or in any other way as you see fit.



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لاگ تبدیل ڪريو


  • Tweak: Compatibility with Latest Elementor & WordPress
  • Tweak: Added Title & Alt in images for widgets
  • Tweak: Remove global & dynmic option as they will not work
  • Fix: Fixed few editor panel layout issue


  • Fix: Compatibility with Elementor experiments
  • Fix: Fatal error if template wp editor is accessed
  • Tweak: Fixed some loopholes for better restriction
  • Tweak: Elemailer Shortcode box UI fixes
  • Tweak: Remove default underline from links on apple devices


  • Tweak: Compatibility with latest WP version
  • New: WPML support started (ongoing)


  • Fix: Fatal error with Elementor 3.10 update


  • Fix: Fatal error with Elementor 3.8 update


  • Fix: Preview & Email different because of 10px gap missing for columns
  • Fix: Compatibility with Latest WP & Elementor
  • Tweak: Fixed some wording
  • Tweak: Changed icon color
  • Tweak: Added class in body for future update support


  • Fix: Compatibility with Latest WP & Elementor
  • Fix: Compatibility with Debug bar & debu log plugin
  • Tweak: CSS fixes


  • Fix: CSS fix for email
  • Fix: 3rd party plugin panel and template library showing
  • Fix: Elementor latest version compatiblity
  • Fix: Removed container as it’s not supported in email


  • Fix: CSS fix for template layout broken when using Optimize DOM output feature of Elementor


  • Fix: When email reply or forward then email teamplate broken
  • Tewak: Added setting panel for future use and footer branding control


  • Fix: Background control of Elemailer affecting normal pages
  • Tewak: Footer wording


  • Fix: Blury icon on library
  • Fix: Template library preview blury due to width issue in preview


  • Fix: Placeholder images imported when library is imported


  • New: Template library added
  • Fix: Compatibility with Latest Elementor & Elementor pro


  • Fix: Compatibility with ACF frontend plugin
  • Fix: Removed deprecated function use of elementor
  • Fix: Icons missing for alignment controls
  • New: Contact Form 7 Support with Shortcode system


  • Fix: Compatibility with Elementor pro 3.5
  • Fix: Support for older Elementor pro 3.4.x


  • Update: Updated compatibility tags with Elementor
  • Fix: Compatibility issue with Elementor
  • New: Branding for users


  • Update: Updated compatibility tags with Elementor


  • Add: Initial release.