Product Carousel Slider for Elementor


Product Carousel Slider for Elementor Lets you display your WooCommerce Products as Carousel Slider. You can now display your WooCommerce Products using this plugin easily to your users as a Carousel Slider. It helps you to display more products as beautiful Product carousels with Images, Product Name, Add to Cart Button in a nice sliding manner which will help you to get more Sales. It helps you to convert your traffic to more sales

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  • Filter Products by Product Status
  • Filter Products by Product Types
  • Limit Products
  • Choose Image Size from WordPress Registered Image Sizes
  • Custom Image Size
  • Show or Hide Product Image
  • Show or Hide Product Rating
  • Show or Hide Product Price
  • Multiple Slideshows (supports more than one carousel per view).
  • Choose Sliding Items Per View
  • Choose Slide to Scroll Number
  • Customizable Stlye
  • Customizable Color, and Background Option to match the slider look with your taste and feel
  • Extremely User Friendly settings panel for coders and non-coders alike.
  • Unique Settings for every carousel.
  • Support all Modern Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari etc.
  • Unlimited Slider on One Page
  • Custom CSS
  • Free Basic Support.
    > More Features are Coming Soon

Upgrade to Pro!

There is also a Pro Version of this plugin. You will get more features and advantages on the Pro Version. Product Carousel Slider for Elementor Pro is a multi-purpose responsive Product Showcase plugin that allows you to display more Products as a beautiful Product Carousel Slider to get more convertion into more sale. It has plenty of extremely user-friendly options and supports all Types of WooCommerce Products. You can fully Customize the Style with the PRO Version.

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Pro Features

  • Filter Products by Product Categories
  • Filter Products by Product Tags
  • Exclude Specific Product by Search from Product Lists
  • Include Specific Product by Search from Product Lists
  • Exclude Currenct Product on Single Product Template
  • Display Featured Products Only Option
  • Order Products in Ascending/Descending Order
  • Order Products by Publish Date, Product ID, Product Title, Product Type, Menu Order, Modified Date, Randomly
  • AutoPlay to Move the Slider Automatically
  • Change AutoPlay Speed
  • Change Slide Speed
  • Pause Slider on Mouse Hover
  • Show or Hide Product Title
  • Show or Hide Add to Cart Button
  • Show or Hide Read More Button
  • Show or Hide Dots
  • Show or Hide Navigation Arrows
  • Unlimited Responsive Breakpoint Builder with Slider Options to customize Slider on different Screen
  • Custom Arrow Icons from Font Awesome Icon and SVG Icon
  • Fully Customizable Style
  • Choose Spacing Between Items
  • All Free Features
  • Custom JS
  • Priority Support

More Features are Coming Soon

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** We welcome your feedback and new feature requests to improve the plugin! Please contact with us at for new Feature Requests**



1 مارچ 2023 1 reply
Extremely simple, you can’t choose which products to show, can’t change layouts, can’t make an automatic carousel, can’t apply transition effects, etc. Ask for a plugin review as soon as it is activated, what’s up with that?
5 سيپٽمبر 2022
This plugin is amazing, it adds a feature that is greatly lacking in the standard Elementor widgets. Not only that, the developers went above and beyond to extend the functionality of the plugin to display related products when requested. Not many plugin developers would do that. Great functionality and great support!
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2.1.2 (02-16-24)

Tweak CSS

Compatible with WordPress Latest Version

Compatible with Elementor Latest Version

Compatible with Elementor PRO Latest Version

2.1.1 (08-29-23)

Compatible with WordPress Latest Version

Compatible with Elementor Latest Version

Compatible with Elementor PRO Latest Version

2.1.0 (10-27-22)

Tested with Latest WordPress Version

Tested with Latest Elementor Version

Tested with Latest Elementor PRO Version

2.0.0 (07-18-22)

Make Compatible with WordPress 6.0.1

Make Compatible with Elementor 3.6.7

Fix PHP Deprecated: Function _register_controls is deprecated! Use Elementor\Controls_Stack::register_controls() instead

1.0.2 (08-14-21)

Make Compatible with WP 5.8

Make Compatible with the Latest Elementor 3.3.1

1.0.1 (01-08-21)

Make Compatible with WP 5.6

Make Compatible with PHP 8

1.0.0 (09-23-20)

Fix Support Page Broken Style

Add Review Notification

0.9.9 (08-18-20)

Compatible Plugin Deactivation Feedback with WordPress 5.5

0.9.8 (07-02-20)

Make Compatible with WP5.5

0.9.7 (07-02-20)

Fix Product Image Link not going to Single Product Page

0.9.6 (06-25-20)

Fix Star Rating not working

Show/Hide Star Rating Condition is not working

Show/Hide Title Condition is not working

Add Color Option for Ajax View Cart Text

0.9.5 (06-21-20)

Add Star Rating

Add Price

Add Price Color Option

Add Star Rating Color option

Reduce Buy PRO Buttons from Widgets

0.9.4 (06-19-20)

Fix Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function wb_get_attachment_alt() in templates\style-1\template.php on line 10

0.9.3 (05-21-20)

Fix Prev, Next Arrow Display Issue

Add Styling Option

Add Customizable Text color, Background Color and Hover Color

0.9.2 (04-30-20)

Add Slider Navigation Arrow

Check if WooCommerce is installed

Fix Elementor Widget Panel is not loading if WooCoommerce is not installed

0.9.1 (04-24-20)

Fix Widget Name on Elementor Widget Panel

Change Widget Icon on Elementor Widget Panel

0.9.0 (04-22-20)