DN Shipping by Price for WooCommerce


Manage shipping costs based on the price (total order) of the products in the cart.

Available in English and Italian

It is possible to create various tables, with customized costs and link them to the shipping areas to generate a precise and flexible mapping.

Create a shipping cost table:
from the Woocommerce> DN Shipping by price menu click on the “Add new table” button, provide an identification name (not visible to users) to the table and enter various price ranges by entering a minimum and maximum order and the relative cost (use “0” to indicate free).
PS: use the point for the decimal separator and no symbol for the thousands separator.

Set up a shipping area (in the woocomerce settings menu -> shipping) and add the
method “based on the price”, after the insertion configure it through the button “modify” and select the desired table. In the same area also provide a method to manage the eventual case in which none rule of the selected table satisfies the price conditions (order total) (for example “pick up on site”).

The author assumes no responsibility for any anomalies generated by the aforementioned warning. Verify and run all appropriate tests before using it in a production environment.


  • Cart view with cusgtom message for users


This plugin requires you to have the WooCommerce plugin already installed and activated in WordPress.
– Download the plugin.
– Install and active the plugin on your WordPress Admin site.


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Tested on WordPress 6.4.3


  • added custom message for each shipping zone
  • tested on wordpress 6.2.2
  • updated assets


  • fixed session conflict warning


  • added increment option
  • added infinite option
  • added logo
  • updated italian language


  • initial version