BlueGlass Maintenance


BlueGlass Interactive maintenance plugin which enables custom Admin Panel for internally made websites.
It gives contacts of BlueGlass company and maintenance package status from BlueGlass company is shown.
Also you can check all packages avalaible from BlueGlass.

NB! This plugin is relying on a 3rd party service called BlueGlass Interactive.
Plugin is used on websites what was made by BlueGlass Interactive company.
If you want to test this plugin you can do it for free without notifying BlueGlass Interactive.

Service link:
BlueGlass Interactive Privacy Policy:


Is this plugin free?

Yes, plugin is absolutely free.

Is this plugin uses 3rd party service?

Yes, plugin uses BlueGlass Interactive service.

How can I change packages, links, info?

At the moment, packages and info cannot be changed.
Right now plugin is made only for BlueGlass Interactive websites.
In the future updates we will develope all this functions to make plugin dynamic.
Otherwise you can download/test/use/inspect/change this plugin on your website for FREE.


ھن پلگ ان لاءِ ڪي به رايا ناھن.

تعاون ڪندڙ & ڊولپرز

“BlueGlass Maintenance” اوپن سورس سافٽ ويئر آهي. ھيٺين ماڻھن ھن پلگ ان ۾ حصو ورتو آھي.

تعاون ڪندڙ

ترجمو ڪريو “BlueGlass Maintenance” توهان جي ٻولي ۾.

ڊولپمينٽ ۾ دلچسپي؟

ڪوڊ براؤز ڪريو، چيڪ ڪريو SVN مخزن، يا رڪنيت حاصل ڪريو ڊولپمينٽ لاگ پاران RSS.

لاگ تبدیل ڪريو


  • Tested with a new version of WordPress.
  • Compatibility fixes with a new version of WordPress.


  • Tested with a new version of WordPress.
  • Removed Packages section.
  • Added correct links.
  • Added correct phone number and e-mail.


  • Update count info message changed if 0 updates avalaible.
  • DISABLED status view changed.
  • New admin setting “Last update date” added.
  • Plugin logo added.


  • First version developed.