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جمع: هي پلگ ان 8 بلاڪس مهيا ڪري ٿو.

  • Alignment Container Defines a flex container that can hold any type of block.
  • Web Icon Components that helps you add icons from popular web icon libraries.
  • Responsive Column Defines responsive columns inside a row.
  • Accordion Container Groups accordion items inside a container.
  • Responsive Row Groups responsive columns inside a row.
  • Responsive Container Groups responsive rows inside a container.
  • WPForms Style Container Styles all the WPForms blocks available inside.
  • Accordion Item Accordion items from Bootstrap.


12 ڊسمبر 2022
Good plugin with potential. Great support, quick response.
واحد: سڀ 1 جائزو پڙهو

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